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    Garma Garam Samose!
    Those three words that get our mouth watering.
    An experience that we have quite literally grown up with and relish life long.
    The slow crack of a crispy hot Samosa, the generous dip into a chutney & the sip of hot kadak chai. Heaven.. isn't it?
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    Quality and Hygiene
    If you have always resisted yourself from eating the samosas due to quality or hygiene issues, fret no more.
    Our samosas, kachoris and jalebis are prepared in most hygienic conditions using fresh ingredients.
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    Made with Love
    We make a range of different Samosas bringing flavour from across India and around.
    And to top that up with accompaniments such as Kachori, Jalebi, Pakoda and Chai.

Six Special Dishes

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Aloo Samosa

We make four different aloo samosas - Punjabi, Bengali, Jodhpuri and Chennai. Each samosa encompasses flavour and style of that particular region.

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Paneer Samosa

Fresh cottage cheese filling with crunchy onions, bell pepper and mild spices. We make chilli paneer and malai paneer versions too.

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Cheese Samosa

One of our top sellers. Mozzarella and processed cheese filling with bell pepper, crunchy onions and herbs.

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Chicken / Mutton Samosa

We can proudly claim that our chicken and mutton samosas are the best in the world. The chicken samosas come in masala chilli and malai flavours.

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Chaap Samosa

If you love chaap, you will love our chaap samosa even more. The chaap samosas come in chilli and malai variants.

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Chocolate Samosa

You’ve probably heard of chocolate samosa but never tried the one that we make. Yummy chocolate filled sweet samosa.